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Developing Your Key To The Future Of Asset Management

With a broad background in private banking, portfolio management systems, mathematics, user interface and database design, we know the needs of the financial industry and how to implement them. With a strong affinity to flexibility, usability and user experience we are building the most progressive platform for wealth and asset managers. This allows the latter to focus on their core business and not having to deal with IT-infrastructure, back office and paper work.

Finding solutions for the upcoming complex regulatory needs of the industry is our challenge. We believe that the technology will make the difference for those who last.


Tobias Widmer

CEO & Founder
Business Administration, UAS Northwestern Switzerland

Pascal Vaucher

COO & Founder
Business Administration, Queens University (USA)

Andreas Ahlm

CTO & Founder
Mathematics (MSc), ETH Zurich

Sandro Schmidlin

Business Development and Sales

Marco Martins

Senior Frontend Developer, Computer Science (MSc), Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Viseu (PT)

Andreas Allenspach

Computer Science (MSc), ETH Zurich

Faheem Ullah

Senior Developer
Computer Science (PhD), ETH Zurich

Maurice Golay

Application & Business-Support

Roger Ahlm

DB Developer
eidg. dipl. El. Tech., ETH Zurich

Sergio Santos

Frontent Developer, Computer Science (MSc), Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Viseu (PT)

Thomas Bisig

Physics (MSc), ETH Zurich

Our Story


After several years in wealth and investment management for prestigious financial institutes on the market place in Zurich and the US, Tobias Widmer and Pascal Vaucher decide to found an independent wealth management company in Switzerland. Inflexible, old-fashioned and overpriced software forced them to seek a lean solution. They quickly understood that the scalability of the service requires standardized communication and open interfaces.


Tobias’ and Pascal’s wealth management company becomes the first SWIFT member among Independent Asset Managers in Switzerland.


Andreas Ahlm – with a broad background in mathematics, risk and investment management – joins the team to explore possibilities of scaling the technical setup.


Their wealth management company has now fully functional communication with more than 10 banks over SWIFT. They incorporate One PM AG in order to serve the industry with a fully integrated platform.


One PM AG launches its web based application and becomes the first worldwide certified partner of SWIFT for portfolio management solutions. With the successful onboarding of first clients, One PM AG continuous its growth. By the end of 2016 One PM AG employs more than 10 people. The industry is moving rapidly and we are shaping it.

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