ONE PM makes creating Model Portfolios easier than making coffee!

The ONE PM application lets you create a new model portfolio in a few clicks. It has never been easier before – easier than using your own coffee machine.You don’t believe it? Here is how.

Choose Your Beans
Depending on the strategy assigned, your model portfolio will be created with a variety of empty nodes ready to be filled with assets. Each node not only gives you the opportunity to add single assets one at the time, it also offers you the option to choose from a range of equity and bond lists you have created beforehand and immediately load the assets into your model portfolio. Simply choose a fitting asset list by using the dropdown selection tool.

Turn on the Machine
Here is where the magic happens. The ONE PM application turns unconnected asset lists into a coherent interplay of your favoured equities and bonds.
After filling your model with assets using the dropdown function, it will almost be ready to use. By clicking on the ‘Apply Proposed’ button, the ONE PM application will immediately calculate a proposed weight for each asset based on the boundaries you have set. Using this tool is the easiest way to upload your equity and bonds lists to derive and maintain model portfolios.

Drink it black or add some Milk?
After letting technology save you a morning worth of time, you can make some final tweaks if you wish so. Simply make changes by editing the weights in the corresponding fields. Done!

You don’t believe it? See for yourself:

Learn more about model portfolios in the ONE PM Knowledgebase

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